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Cath Ennis, PhD, PMP

Project management, metrics tracking, and data visualization services to help you manage and grow your freelance business

My March 2022 webinar “Introduction to Project Management and Time Tracking for Freelancers” is now available as an on-demand video from Editors Canada.

Earlier in my career, I worked in a series of hybrid in-house roles that combined writing and editing with project management. The writing and editing components of the work were what attracted me to these positions, but the project management aspects taught me some valuable habits and skills that I’ve carried over into my freelancing career.

As soon as I started my freelancing business I began setting up project management systems that allow me to track and visualize important metrics. I use these graphs to assess my progress on individual projects, plan my long-term workload, spot trends in my hours worked and money earned, improve my time estimates for new projects, tweak my rates, and identify the types of client I should be targeting in my marketing strategies.

I’ve since shown these data visualizations to some editors and writers I’ve met through professional development groups, and thanks to their enthusiastic feedback I’ve realized that other freelancers will also find these tracking systems useful. I’m therefore now offering customized project management advice and metrics tracking / visualization tool development as a service for my fellow freelance writers and editors.


Click images for full details. Please note that all examples use made-up data.

What’s included

If you’re interested in this service, please contact me with a brief outline of your metrics of interest, and the questions about your business that you’d like to answer through visualization of those metrics.

All project management services start with a free initial 30-minute video call consultation. If you’d like to move forward, I’ll then build an initial tracking system for you based on your needs and workflow, and walk you through how to use it during a second video call. Once you’ve had a chance to play with your tracking system for a couple of weeks, we’ll have a follow-up video call to assess what’s working for you and what isn’t, and I’ll then implement any changes that you need.

The cost depends on exactly what you’re looking for, but will generally be around CAD 300 for a project progress tracker or CAD 500 for an annual time and earnings tracker. All trackers are easy to edit and update, so you can use the same template for multiple projects or in future years.

Please note that I am only taking on a limited number of project management clients per month at this time.

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