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Cath Ennis, PhD, PMP

Funding agencies and academic journals are increasingly asking for lay summaries of grants and manuscripts, and knowledge translation and public outreach strategies are becoming an important part of the research evaluation process. These are positive trends, but it can be challenging to distill complex and technical scientific information for public audiences.

I’ve co-written two popular science books and a number of popular science articles for The Guardian’s science blog network. I’ve also written many press releases, managed social media accounts for research labs and consortia, developed Twitter “walk-throughs” of scientific papers for public audiences, and been involved in science outreach activities including public lectures, a museum exhibit, and even a fashion show!

I love writing lay summaries and would be happy to take on this aspect of your grant or manuscript submission. I can also help you with your science communication and outreach activities, whether that means writing a press release, creating content for blog or social media posts, helping you to prepare a public lecture or design an event, or working with you on a longer-term knowledge translation strategy.

This is my favorite type of writing, so do please get in touch if you have a specific project in mind or just want to brainstorm some ideas!

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